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You long to be more confident in who you are,

but self-doubt and fear of rejection stop you.

The pain of fearing you are "too much" or "not enough," results in you silencing your true self.


Leading to the frustrations of not feeling seen, low-self esteem, and anxiety. 

What I personally struggled with at first was recognizing my worth. Can you relate?

Fear of rejection held me back from sharing ideas at work.


I thought it was selfish, prideful and wrong to invest in myself.

I felt "less than" because my life didn't look like others expected it to by this age.


To be honest, I thought very little of myself; so I filled my time with focusing on others to avoid focusing on myself.

But everything changed when I learned to truly value myself.

I created my Courageous Worth Podcast & Tools to help anyone who wants to truly value their self. If you follow my process, you'll experience more . . . 

Peace by letting go of others' expectations.

Focus by aligning your time & energy.

Confidence in the amazing person you are.

Past   Clients

Ashley exceeded my expectations in helping me with my personal & professional life. She is so welcoming and non-judging. I felt at ease opening up and left each session more empowered.


Ashley provided a comfortable, welcoming, and judgement-free setting while providing guidance on achieving personal growth. Her message continues to resonate with me daily and help me alter my self-perception in a more positive way.


Ashley was a huge part of my healing from a traumatic experience. She was able to help me deal with my past experience and teach me healthy coping mechanisms and skills to move forward.


I've put my heart and soul into creating these programs, and the reason they mean so much to me (and why I am inviting you to consider engaging in them) is because I have experienced first-hand the pain, stress, & damage done when you don't recognize your worth. 

You are . . . Valuable.

Needed in this World,

& Worth it!

Hi!   I'm  Ashley

Here is a little bit about my experiences that have to lead me to creating this for you . . . 

I am the founder of Courageous Worth Programs and the host of the Courageous Worth PodcastAs a certified life coach and transformation specialist, I help people live out of their worth.

I draw from my own personal struggles and 20 years of counseling others. Learning to fight for myself after being sexually assaulted, led to me learning to truly value myself for the first time.

I focus on healing, self-acceptance, & confidence.


I have worked with hundreds of survivors, young adults, and aspiring entrepreneurs. I am heart-centered, with an entertaining, empathetic and kind approach.


I believe in unicorns, and never pass up the opportunity to make others laugh or travel the world. I live 15 minutes from the beach in Wilmington, NC. Learn More