Body  Confidence

Do you want to love your body, but think it's only possible if your body . . . 

Looked different?

Was able & illness-free?

Had a different past?

Seeing your body as a failure,

negatively impacts every area of your life.

You are Not Alone

Studies show 90% of women dislike their body.

Comparison, aging, infertility, illness, abuse, racism, abilities & more, affect body image.

Finding   Body    Confidence

Hi! I'm Ashley Baxter. I found body confidence when I least expected. I was at my least fit, diagnosed with hypothyroidism, & sexually assaulted 3 years before.

I thought it impossible to love my body, but after 2 years of research and self-reflection, I learned how.

I wanted to help others achieve the same, but quicker than it took me. I combined my research, experiences, and certified life coaching skills to create the Body Confidence Program.

What People are Saying

TIP: Sign up with friends for extra encouragement & body positivity in your everyday life.

Phase 1

5 Week Makeover

(Online Group)

Phase 2

Lifetime Community

Program    Details

Body Confidence Framework

My custom curriculum for finding body confidence.


Interactive Small Group

1 hour each week via webcam, led by me. Each group's capacity is 8 women.


Interactive Makeover Community

Online community with others currently in Phase 1.


Self-Study Exercises

Weekly homework to craft a Body Confidence Manifesto

Lifetime Access

Online community with others who have finished Phase 1 in my custom-made online platform.


Post successes, quotes, & questions.


Monthly Growth

Monthly discussions of a book or particular body confidence topic.



Revisit Phase 1 training when you need a reminder.


5 Week Makeover $499

Lifetime Community $249

Value of $748*

"Social Distancing" Special Price

$299 USD

During this unexpected season, many are investing in themselves more than they usually would when life is at its normal fast pace.


However, a struggle many (and perhaps you) are facing right now is finances.  To help, I want to offer this program at a greatly reduced price.  

*Registration closes 11:59pm PST Apr. 5th.

5 Week Small Groups begin week of Apr. 12th

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