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Courageous Worth


Embrace Vulnerability,

Discover Your Authenticity,

& Step into Your Power.

Are you tired of living in the shadows of self-doubt and insecurity, imprisoned by the idea that you're not enough?

It is time to leave behind the chains of self-doubt and step forward into the light of your true self.

Every woman deserves to feel confident, empowered, and comfortable in who she is and in her own skin.

Hi! I'm Ashley. I help women dismantle unhealthy self-image, break free from society's expectations, & cultivate a positive body-image.

My coaching style provides a safe and supportive space for your transformative journey.


Together, let's draw from your untapped power to redefine your self-beliefs and mindset.


Why Invest in Yourself?

In a world flooded with comparison, judgment, and unattainable standards, it's easy to lose touch with your authentic self.


It subtly convinces us that change isn't possible and that prioritizing self-growth is a selfish act.

These narratives are so loud and constant that we can adopt these beliefs without even realizing it and without grasping their widespread negative effects like . . .

  • Career: Internal whispers of "I'm not good enough" keep you from raising your hand and stepping onto stages meant for you.

  • Relationships: You are meant to show up in relationships barefoot and soul-naked. But when your self-image is bruised, you show up in armor, expecting battles instead of embraces.  

  • People Pleasing: Twisting and turning yourself to fit the expectations set by others. It's less about being 'liked' and more about fearing that your true self isn't enough. Every "yes" when your soul screams "no" is a step away from the true you.

  • Body Image: Your body is the keeper of all your journeys. Every curve and edge maps your story. But instead of a map when you look in the mirror, you see a measure comparing your body to ever-shifting standards. The world's whispers become internal shouts of  "too much of this, too little of that," thus putting your body in a forever state of needing to be "fixed."

  • Mental Well-being: Your mind can be both a sanctuary and a battleground. When your self-image plays the villain, it's like a storm inside turning that refuge into an arena of internal conflict. It's less about feeling "down" and more about feeling "drowned."

  • The Everyday: Life, with all its mundane magic, becomes a different beast when it's viewed through the lens of self-doubt. The simplest things – dressing up, attending a party, taking a selfie – become quests. Not quests for joy, but quests of just trying to fit into the world's mold.

Confronting and reshaping your self-image is hard, but it's also the path to your most free and joyous self. As one of my favorite authors Glennon Doyle says, "we can do hard things."

Why Courageous Worth Coaching?

I created Courageous Worth Coaching because I don't want you to go another day measuring your worth and experiencing the harmful impacts of negative self-talk.

So I took all of the tools I have implemented in my life, and packaged them into my proprietary framework called the G.U.A.R.D. Method.

G.U.A.R.D. Method


(Click above to sign-up & schedule your first call with me)

What is Included?

  • 8 Coaching Sessions:  One-to-one Zoom video calls where we unpack your story and navigate your individual path to a healthy self-image. The first session is 75 minutes and the remaining seven are for 45 minutes.

  • G.U.A.R.D. Method: My proprietary method for shifting your self-image. 

  • Direct Access to Me: From the time you sign for the coaching package until your last session, you will have direct access to me via text or messaging so I can answer questions and celebrate your wins in real-time.

  • Personalized Activities: Your homework from each session will be tailored to your specific journey.

  • EFT Tapping Workshop & Exercises: Tapping is a great support tool for changing your thoughts.

  • Positive Self-Image Affirmations: Affirmations for you to put around you, repeat during the day, and/or use in tapping exercises.

  • Scripts for Difficult SituationsHow to deal with people and environments that negatively challenge your new self-image.

  • Positive Self-Image Digital ImagesImages with positive self-image sayings that you can use as visual encouragement, phone wallpapers, computer wallpapers, etc.

All of the features will guide you to challenge the beliefs that hold you back from loving yourself. You'll learn that self-image is not fixed, and that you have the power to redefine how you view yourself. Say goodbye to the cycle of comparison and people-pleasing, and say hello to a new narrative of self-acceptance and empowerment.

What Past Clients Have Said

Ashley exceeded my expectations in helping me with my personal & professional life. She is so welcoming and non-judging. I felt at ease opening up and left each session more empowered.



Ashley provided a comfortable, welcoming, and judgement-free setting while providing guidance on achieving personal growth. Her message continues to resonate with me daily and help me alter my self-perception in a more positive way.



Ashley was a huge part of my healing from a traumatic experience. She was able to help me deal with my past experience and teach me healthy coping mechanisms and skills to move forward.



What is Your Investment?

  • 8 Coaching Sessions

  • G.U.A.R.D. Method

  • Direct Access to Me

  • Personalized Activities

  • EFT Tapping Workshop & Exercises

  • Positive Self-Image Affirmations

  • Scripts for Difficult Situations

  • Positive Self-Image Digital Images

($2,000 value)

($4,000 value)

($1,200 value)

($500 value)

($500 value)

($75 value)

($300 value)

($50 value)

$8,625 USD value

for the price of

$1200 USD

***Payment plan is available***

(Click above to sign-up & schedule your first call with me)


Hi! I'm Ashley Baxter! I am a Self-Image Coach. As a certified life coach & transformation specialist, 20 years of volunteer counseling, and my own personal struggles, I help women break free from the trappings of conditional worth of their self and body. In doing so, they experience more peace, empowerment, and joy thru recognizing their unconditional worth.

BUT . . . that wasn't always my story. Most of my life I hated my body and believed my true self and personality was a bother and burden to others. 

So I became a master at camouflaging myself into the character I thought each person would most enjoy being around.

​However, everything began to change during the most unexpected and painful season of my life when I was sexually assaulted in 2013.

Healing from a traumatic event is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

To fight for something for a short time you don't need a ton of motivation. But, to fight for something for a long time you have to believe deep down that what you are fighting for is worth it.

Therefore, in order to heal, I had to make a shift. I had to learn how to believe that I was worth fighting for. ​In doing so I learned to love myself. I learned to no longer see my value as conditional.

The freedom, joy, and peace that has come with that shift has been truly life-changing. ​And I want YOU to also experience all the goodness that comes with loving and valuing yourself unconditionally too.

How Do I Get Started?

Click the "I'm Ready" button below to register, pay, and schedule your first session with me.

If you have questions before signing up, email them to me here.

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