Body  Confidence

Do you want to love your body, but think it's only possible if your body . . . 

Looked different?

Was more able?

Had a different past?

Seeing your body as a failure,

negatively impacts every area of your life.

You are Not Alone

Studies show 90% of women dislike their body.

Comparison, aging, infertility, illness, abuse, racism, abilities & more, affect body image.

Finding   Body    Confidence

Hi! I'm Ashley Baxter. I found body confidence when I least expected. I was at my least fit, diagnosed with hypothyroidism, & had been sexually assaulted 3 years before.

I thought it impossible to love my body, but after 2 years of research and self-reflection, I learned how.

I wanted to help others achieve the same, but quicker than it took me. So I combined my research, experiences, and certified life coaching skills to create the Body Confidence Program.

The Process

In my Body Confidence Program, I will walk you through my proprietary 5 phase Body G.U.A.R.D. process to help you breakfree from negative body image, and be set-up to live a life of body positivity. 

BodyG.U.A.R.D. Framework.jpg

The Benefits

No longer worrying what others think of your body.  No longer thinking it is "less than." 

Imagine walking into a room with confidence.

Imagine feeling proud & grateful for your body.

Feeling good in you own skin.

Being able to accept compliments.

Being at peace with your body.

What People are Saying

TIP: Sign up with friends for extra encouragement & body positivity in your everyday life.

Program    Details

Lifetime Access to Body Confidence Digital Course

15 Videos Walking You Through the BodyG.U.A.R.D Process

(each video less than 10 minutes)

20 BodyG.U.A.R.D Assignments

Monthly LIVE Office Hours with Me

Steps to Write Your Body Confidence Manifesto

Daily Practices to Rewire the Negative Body Image Messages

You're Exposed to Everyday

30 Body Positive Affirmations

Scripts for When Facing Body Negativity

Phone Wallpapers of Body Positive Quotes


Body Confidence Digital Course $800

Monthly LIVE Course Coaching $900

Daily Practices $50

Body Confidence Manifesto $100

30 Body Positive Affirmations $30

Scripts for Encounters with Body Negativity $100

Downloadable Body Positive Phone Wallpapers $20

Value of $2,000

for the

price of

$199 USD

Save  Time  &  Effort

It took me two years of searching for education, watching documentaries, reading articles, organizing the information, & self-reflection to find body confidence.


You don't have to figure this out on your own. You can find body confidence at a fraction of the time & effort it took me. 

    -  Day  Money-Back Guarantee


If by the 45th day after your purchase, you have completed all the videos and all the assignments and your view of your body has not improved, then I will issue you a full refund.


You have nothing to lose, so much to gain! 

Click the button below to purchase the program and begin your journey to Body Confidence!

Why  I  Want This  For  You

I spent most of my life seeing my body as a disappointment. I spent so much time and effort trying to hide or "fix" my body.


People would praise my body only when it looked how they wanted, and criticized my body when it didn't.


I have countless journal entries of being angry at my body and considering it a failure. 


Pain and negativity like that impact every area of your life.


I want you to experience the liberation that comes with learning to love your body because it is truly life-changing. 

Allow  Me  to  Introduce  Myself

Hi! I'm Ashley! From being a certified life coach & transformation specialist, 20 years of volunteer counseling, and my own personal struggles, I help women move forward to recognize their worth and live from it.

Learning to fight for myself after being raped in 2013 led to me learning to truly value myself for the first time. I focus on healing, personal development & empowerment.

I am heart-centered, with an entertaining, empathetic and kind approach.

I believe in unicorns, and never pass up the opportunity to make others laugh or travel the world. I live 15 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean in Wilmington, NC, USA.