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Private Coaching
with Ashley

Are you ready to stop thinking, "I'm not enough"?

Do you want to stop tirelessly striving to be "enough"?

Are you ready for a fully-customized level of coaching to help you reach true self-acceptance, rewire your mindset to battle negative self-talk, and courageously live out of your worth?

If you want these types of results, FAST & CUSTOMIZED TO YOU,

I invite you to apply for Private Coaching.

Two different designs are offered to best fit your needs and growth.

Each design is application-only to ensure my services are the best fit for your journey.


6 Virtual Sessions

6 Session Design

  • 6 virtual coaching sessions with Ashley (1 for 75 min, 5 for 45 min each)

  • Direct message access to Ashley from Session 1 thru Session 6

  • Personalized Affirmations

  • Exercises customized to your journey

  • Option to purchase additional sessions for up to 1 year after Session 6


Weekend Intensive Design

  • 8 hours of coaching in 2 hour blocks over Saturday and Sunday

  • Pricing options for the 8 hours to be in-person or virtual

  • Personalized Action Plan

  • Two 45-minute virtual follow-up coaching sessions

  • Option to purchase additional virtual sessions for up to 1 year after weekend intensive

Virtual $5,000

In-Person $7,500


Weekend Intensive

Space is Limited

In order to provide best attention to my clients,

I coach a limited amount of people at one time.

When that limit is reached, a waiting list is opened.

I'm excited for you because as of right now there is a spot available.

Be sure to apply today before that spot is taken.

You may be wondering,
"What is an Image Assessment Call?"

It is a complimentary 25-minute call via Zoom, to help you learn more about conditional-based worth and how it is showing up in your life.


By the end, you will have tools you can implement in your life today to start breaking free from conditional worth.

I will also share how I can help even more on your journey of unconditional worth.

If struggling with your view of your overall worth, click Self-Image Assessment Call.

If the struggle is focused on your view of your body's worth, click Body Image Assessment Call.

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