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Image Assessment Calls 

I want to help you take power back over the definitions of YOUR worth.


Your self-image and body image are tied to how you define your worth.

Your worth is unconditional, but many messages in life communicate the opposite.

Do you see your worth as being based on conditions?


Do you only see yourself as worthy only if . . . you are a "good" person, you meet certain expectations, your life and your body look a certain way, etc.

Living with conditional worth is a roller coaster of emotions. If all the conditions are met you feel great, but meeting them all is rarely possible.

When not met, then frustration, defeatedness, anxiety, fear, feelings of unworthiness, and more negative feelings show up.

Putting so much effort into those conditions means you show up less & less as yourself. You are exhausted by the energy required to look as if you have life together.

Can you relate to any of this?

You aren't alone in this struggle.

I have yet to meet a woman who hasn't struggled with this.

I struggled tremendously with this most of my life.


But, everything changed when my eyes were opened to the lies and negative impacts of conditional worth living. More importantly, I realized I could break free from it, and instead live a life of unconditional worth.

Living a life of unconditional worth is a life of acceptance, inner peace, confidence, self-delight, and empowerment to show up as your full and wonderful self.

I want you to experience the freedom and joy that a life of unconditional worth brings. 

It all starts with a complimentary

Image Assessment Call.

You may be wondering,
"What is an Image Assessment Call?"

It is a complimentary 25-minute call via Zoom, to help you learn more about conditional-based worth and how it is showing up in your life.


By the end, you will have tools you can implement in your life today to start breaking free from conditional worth.

I will also share how I can help even more on your journey of unconditional worth.

If struggling with your view of your overall worth, click Self-Image Assessment Call.

If the struggle is focused on your view of your body's worth, click Body Image Assessment Call.

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