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Do you long to truly love and
happy with yourself,

but you think that is only possible if you meet certain conditions?

Thinking you are "too much" or "not enough," results in you feeling "less than."
Leading to frustrations of not feeling seen, low self-esteem, and overwhelm. 

Most of my life, I saw my body and my self's worth as conditional.

I thought my body was only valuable if it was below a size 10.​

I felt like a disappointment because I wasn't married, and my life didn't look how others expected it to by this age.

Trying to live up to how I thought I "should be" seemed like a race I was always losing.

I constantly critiqued myself and spoke harshly to myself in an effort to shame myself into being "better." ​

I spent so much time either hating myself or trying to force myself into a more "acceptable" version of myself.

But everything changed when I broke free of conditional worth, and stepped into a life of Courageous Worth.

Courageous Worth is when you learn to love yourself unconditionally and then live in that truth.

In a world that wants you to believe you are only worth if . . . (fill in any condition you've been told), it is a truly courageous act to choose a different path.

In my Courageous Worth Coaching Programs I help you break the chains of conditional living in order to help you see, value, and show up as your true amazing self.

My programs help you

experience more . . .

Peace by releasing others' expectations.
Focus by aligning your time & energy.
Confidence in who you are.

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Past   Clients

Ashley exceeded my expectations in helping me with my personal & professional life. She is so welcoming and non-judging. I felt at ease opening up and left each session more empowered.



Ashley provided a comfortable, welcoming, and judgement-free setting while providing guidance on achieving personal growth. Her message continues to resonate with me daily and help me alter my self-perception in a more positive way.



Ashley was a huge part of my healing from a traumatic experience. She was able to help me deal with my past experience and teach me healthy coping mechanisms and skills to move forward.



I've put my heart and soul into my Courageous Worth Coaching Programs because I know first-hand the pain, stress, and damage done from conditional living.

Don't waste one more day not seeing your 

Unconditional Value.

Here is a little bit about what lead me to create this for you . . . 

Hi!   I'm  Ashley

I am the founder of the Courageous Worth Programs and the host of the Courageous Worth Podcast (currently on a break until 2022)As a certified self-worth coach and transformation specialist, I help you break free from the lie that your body and your self-worth are conditional.

I draw from my own personal struggles and over 20 years of counseling others.

At the age of 34, I was sexually assaulted. In my healing process, I began to learn to truly value myself.

I focus on healing, self-acceptance, & confidence with my clients. I have worked with hundreds of women through the years.


I am heart-centered, with an entertaining, empathetic, and kind approach.

I believe in unicorns, and never pass up the opportunity to make others laugh or travel the world. I am based out of Wilmington, NC. Learn More

Learn about my
coaching calls 


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