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I'm an Unconditional Worth Coach, speaker, and podcast host. Helping women live a life of recognized worth is the greatest joy and honor.


I love seeing women's lives change as they begin to love themselves more - and in turn, serve others and the world from the heart of who they are at their core. It is truly magical!

My journey to loving and valuing myself unexpectedly came out of hardship when my life turned upside down in 2013. In that year, at the age of 34, I was raped.

Hi!   I'm  Ashley

There is the choice to run from pain or face it. Both choices come with their own difficulties, but only the choice to face the pain leads to greater healing.

I chose to pursue healing in the aftermath of my trauma. The 2 years to follow were the most difficult of my life, but in the process, I learned to fight for myself, love myself, & value myself like I never had before.

In the face of any hardship there are 2 choices . . .

I draw from my own personal struggles and being a survivor of sexual trauma to help others move forward and become the best version of themselves.

I speak on healing, personal development, and empowerment. I have worked with hundreds of survivors, young adults, and aspiring entrepreneurs.


I am heart-centered, with an entertaining, empathetic and kind approach. I believe in unicorns, and never pass on the opportunity to make others laugh or travel the world.

You are Worth

More than You can Imagine!

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These are aFew of myFavoriteThings

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I'm obsessed with traveling. I love traveling with friends as well as taking solo trips. My first solo trip was to New Zealand. It is one of the most magical places on Earth! This picture is from another solo trip I took to Ireland. It is from a beach on Dingle Peninsula. I could have stayed there forever! 


Zoey is my heavenly fur baby. She passed away in the winter of 2020. I will forever treasure our years together. If it wasn't for all the fur and the whole walking on 4 legs deal, you would have thought I gave birth to her because her personality was just as random & silly as mine. 

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I know unicorns are trending, but I promise I have loved them my entire life - all the way back to seeing "The Last Unicorn" as a kid in the 80''s. 

A few years ago I mentioned loving unicorns and that set off a wildfire amongst my friends. I now receive about 20 new unicorn items a year! But this gem of a phone cover I bought myself when I saw it on the streets of Naples, Italy.  

From the 'Gram

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