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Private Coaching
with Ashley

Your heart was full and free when you were born. You didn't question your worth. You existed and lived wholeheartedly.

Then one-day things started to change. Perhaps it began with a comment from a family member, an interaction with friends, or a traumatic event.

All of a sudden you started to shrink. You saw yourself differently than you did before. You started to see yourself with conditions, you started to question your worth.

Typically that leads to either a life of distractions to not face yourself, or a life spent in comparison and striving to achieve worthiness.

Both of those ways are exhausting and hard to live. 

I don't want you to live another day staying where you have been.


Sign Up for a Call

Click the link below to sign up for a 90-minute session with me for $275 USD. At sign-up you see 3 different types of calls available:

  • Self Image Coaching Call focused on how you see yourself

  • Body Image Coaching Call focused on how you see your body

  • Healing Journey Coaching Call focused on why healing from trauma is important and the steps involved

What You Will Get from the Call You Select:

  • Safe, confidential, and open space to share

  • Assessment of your current state 

  • Encouragement as to why your heart is worth fighting for

  • Recording of the call

  • Providing you with an action plan you can carry out on your own

  • Option to book future sessions with me if desired for your journey

Things to Know:

  • I am a certified coach

  • I am not a licensed mental health professional

  • I have volunteer-counseled hundreds of people

Take the next step in your journey by booking a call with me. I look forward to talking with you soon about restoring more heart to your life.


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