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PRIOR PODCAST: #MeToo Series: A Survivors Story

THIS EPISODE IS FROM MY PREVIOUS PODCAST entitled "The Restoring Heart Podcast." Website names and social media handles have changed since then. You can now find me @theashleybaxter on social media, and on my blog at . Go to the 8th episode entitled "Helping You Find Courageous Worth" for the start of the Courageous Worth Podcast. This old episode is part of my 4 episode series on sexual trauma awareness. Crystal Sutherland joins Host Ashley Baxter. Crystal is the author of the book Journey to Heal, and the Founder and President of Journey to Heal Ministries. Crystal shares her story of being a survivor of child abuse, as well as how she and her non-profit are helping other survivors around the world.

This episode is an interview with Crystal Sutherland. She is the author of the book Journey to Heal and founder of Journey to Heal Ministries.

In this episode Crystal vulnerably shares her story of being abused as a child. As well as how pursuing healing in her adult years led to her writing a book to help other survivors find hope and healing. Eventually, she began leading in-person and online groups thru the book. Later she started holding "Hope Restored" conferences.

Within the past year, she and a board of people created the non-profit called Journey to Heal Ministries. Together they continue the work done thus far and are expanding it in so many amazing ways to help others around the world.

Listen in to this episode to hear more of Crystal's story, and either how Journey to Heal can help you if a survivor, or how you can support them in their work.



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