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Ep. 14 Drop Unrealistic Expectations

How do you deal with life in a world that is going crazy?

It is easy to get lost in a measuring stick of all the things that you feel you’re supposed to do.

But guess what, you’re no superhero, you cannot do all these things - especially now during the pandemic.

Let's reset so you don't get overwhelmed with stress!

Today, I talk about the measuring sticks we set for ourselves - or allow others to set for us.

Most of these measures are unnecessary and by observing them, you are only stopping yourself from being happy.

Listen in to learn how to eliminate the mentality of fulfilling other people’s expectations and instead do what serves you.


  • Drop the measuring stick. Stop imposing unnecessary measures in your life.

  • Why not everyone will agree with your decisions.

  • Stop fulfilling other people’s expectations of you.

  • Learning to break free from the mentality of doing what you want vs. what others want you to do.



4 Steps to 

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