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Ep. 15 You're Absolutely Worth It

Are you tapping into your greatness? Or maybe you’re allowing your past hardships to lead you with fear? We often allow our childhood traumas to stop us consciously or unconsciously from achieving greatness.

On the show today we have Velera Wilson. She passionately helps other women tap into the greatness they have been gifted with and own their worth.

Velera is a speaker, author, and coach who has spent almost 20 years leading marketing strategy and driving millions in revenue for Fortune 100 and 500 brands.

She explains how overcoming her own fears and gaining confidence has driven her to help ambitious women lead successfully with confidence in their careers, relationships, and everyday life. Listen in to learn how you can navigate healing from hardships by taking action and seeking help.

Also, make sure to pre-order her book "You're Absolutely Worth It" (link below)

Topics Discussed in Depth:

  • How childhood traumas impact who we become as adults and the importance of addressing and healing it.

  • The three ways you can seek help to navigate towards traumatic healing.

  • Learning to stop short charging yourself and know your worth by utilizing what’s inside of you.

  • How to push through fear by not allow it to stop you from moving forward and achieving your goals.

  • Velera talks about her book and how it’s going to help women get through what’s stopping them and heal.

  • Learning to control how you respond to what happens in your life even when things get difficult.

Order Velera's Book:

*I earn a small affiliate fee from qualifying Amazon purchases, such as books. This does not affect the amount you pay and I only recommend books I love.

Connect with Velera:

Facebook & Instagram: @apositiveid



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