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Ep. 29 Embrace Change & Evolve with Stacey Brass-Russell

Interview with Ivone Eveline - Fancy Minimalist - Minimalism Lifestyle Living - Courageous Worth Podcast

How do you view change in your life? Did you know that change is not a failure but rather an evolution into something new and possibly better?

My guest on this episode of the Courageous Worth Podcast is a woman who has always had the courage to go after what she wants. She is Stacey Brass-Russell of Inspired Evolution.

Stacey is an evolution life coach and business strategist. She works with creative and passionate growth-minded individuals who want to make a change to find success and fulfillment.

Stacey explains the value of evolving and changing into what you love and creating a business out of it. She also explains the systems she’s developed to help people overcome overwhelm and become empowered.

Follow along to learn how you can reaffirm your worthiness and confidence in business by going back to what made you start.

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