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PRIOR PODCAST: Facing Cancer

THIS EPISODE IS FROM MY PREVIOUS PODCAST entitled "The Restoring Heart Podcast." Website names and social media handles have changed since then. You can now find me @theashleybaxter on social media, and on my blog at . Go to the 8th episode entitled "Helping You Find Courageous Worth" for the start of the Courageous Worth Podcast. This old episode is my interview with Diane Fontaine about her journey with breast cancer.

One hardship that it seems none of us escape life without facing is cancer. Each of us will either hear the words "you have cancer," or someone we love will. It is one of the most dreaded phone calls that we each hope we will never receive.

But what happens when you do receive that call?

Oh this episode, my friend Diane Fontaine shares her story of being a breast cancer survivor.

This episode is raw as Diane provides a lens into her journey with cancer her, her family, and her friends. She shares everything from the mental battles to the physical ones.

If you are reading this, and cancer is part of your story, I hope Diane's words will be a reminder that you are not alone and you are seen.

Information on Diane & Her Husband's Businesses.

As mentioned in the episode Diane creates decorative Tide Clocks. They are awesome gifts for those who in your life who love to boat, fish, or surf. You can check them out here on Amazon.

Her husband, Darren, runs a full service residential and commercial handyman business

serving the greater Wilmington, NC area called Hometown Handyman. Contact them here if you are ever in need of their services.



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