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PRIOR PODCAST: An Infertility & Adoption Journey

THIS EPISODE IS FROM MY PREVIOUS PODCAST entitled "The Restoring Heart Podcast." Website names and social media handles have changed since then. You can now find me @theashleybaxter on social media, and on my blog at . Go to the 8th episode entitled "Helping You Find Courageous Worth" for the start of the Courageous Worth Podcast. This old episode is my interview with a married couple who opens up about their experience, thoughts, and emotions on their journey with infertility and adoption.

When I was young, I always thought having a child comes naturally and easily to all people. However, as I got older and friends around me started trying to have kids, I realized that is far from true for many people.

I know so many who encounter obstacles in trying to have children, that I now consider it a rarity if someone is able to have children without any issues along the way.

Although I haven't experienced this first hand, I have walked beside many friends in their journey with it. My heart has broken for them over and over again as I see the pain, questioning, and exhaustion they have faced.

To those who can personally relate to Brad and Sarah's story, I hope this episode will make you feel seen, comforted, and not alone.

To those who know people going through this journey, I hope this episode will give you a better perspective of how to show up and support those you know who are experiencing this.



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