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Ep. 24 Recap of Interview with Whitnee Hawthorne

In this recap of my interview with Whitnee Hawthorne, I focus on 3 takeaways from the conversation. 

1) How one of the biggest challenges facing women today is the belief that putting yourself first is wrong and bad. When in fact, putting yourself first is good for you and those around you. It restores you so you have more to give to others.

2) How the answer isn’t to break your life into different segments and figure out how to make them fit. Instead, look at how to design your life to bring you the most energy, efficiencies, and joy.

3) Whitnee’s Shine - Manage - Surrender Philosophy. What areas of life do you want to shine in? What areas do you not care about shining in, and instead, just need to find the ways to manage it? What do you need to surrender in order to allow yourself to shine in the areas you want to?

Such a great philosophy and practice to implement in each of our lives.

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