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Ep. 25 The Value of Sitting in Discomfort with Juliet Laycoe

Did you know you can find a tremendous value that comes with slowing down and sitting in the uncomfortable for a while? It allows you to mull over a situation without haste and possibly make the best decision.

Juliet Laycoe is an author, mom, and attorney who has practiced law for the last 22 years primarily helping people get over traumatic life events like divorce and the death of a loved one. She has written and published two books on divorce due to her compassion and desire to help others.

Juliet talks about her natural compassion and desire to help others that she uses to help her clients overcome the pain of loss and find themselves again. She explains the importance of teaching children how to be resilient and strong as they sit in the discomfort.

Listen in to learn the benefits of having a productive morning routine that sets you up for a purposeful day.  Get Your Copy

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