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PRIOR PODCAST: Dealing with the Loss of Loved Ones

THIS EPISODE IS FROM MY PREVIOUS PODCAST entitled "The Restoring Heart Podcast." Website names and social media handles have changed since then. You can now find me @theashleybaxter on social media, and on my blog at . Go to the 8th episode entitled "Helping You Find Courageous Worth" for the start of the Courageous Worth Podcast. This old episode is my interview with Leanne Haskins Gilbert of Leanne Haskins Photography on the loss of her father 6 years ago over the holidays.

Right now, we are in the midst of the holiday season, which always comes with its own share of highs and lows. However one of the most difficult lows is experiencing the holidays without a loved one.

The loss of a loved one can be difficult at any point in a year, but there is something about the holidays that often puts a greater spotlight on the knowledge that a loved one is no longer here.

On today's podcast episode, I interview one of my dearest friends, Leanne Haskins Gilbert of Leanne Haskins Photography (check out her website if you are looking for a fabulous family photographer).

She lost her father 6 years ago on December 27th, and over the past 13 months she has walked with her now husband in the aftermath of his dad's passing.

We will all experience loss. We all grieve differently. Letting ourselves grieve and having caring people around us makes all the difference in how we continue after losing someone. I hope this episode is meaningful, helpful, and comforting to you. If you know someone who especially could use this episode, please pass it along.



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