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Ep. 19 Mindset Shifts for Women in Business with April Garcia

Do you have the courage to master your mindset and be confident in what you do? Do you choose to see your story as an empowering one?

Becoming a woman leader has its challenges but it all starts with changing your mindset and deciding to be that leader.

My guest on the show today is April Garcia, a woman who believed in herself to climb the corporate ladder by taming all her fears and asserting her voice.

April is an international business advisor and performance coach. She worked from the big business side for a long time before switching to smaller businesses using the same big business changes which completely changed the lives of small business owners. She works with small businesses’ owners’ mindset which gets them to the next level of success.

She shares her journey working in corporate America, doing humanitarian work in developing nations, and starting her own business where she helps small businesses around the globe.

She talks about the double standards that exist in how women are treated in the corporate scene versus how men are treated, and her views on why women leaders have to learn to control their emotions and assert their voice.

Our conversation was so rich with information that I divided it into two episodes. This is Part 1 so make sure to stay tuned for Part 2 that will air next week.

Listen in to learn how you can stay and become successful in your own lane as an entrepreneur without comparing yourself with others.





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