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Ep. 13 Your Voice is Worth Sharing

Do you feel you have a message to share but doubt it's worth sharing? Is fear holding you back? Do you wonder if it's selfish to share the message on your heart with others?

On the show today we have Kristen Cullen of Brand Builders Group. She is a Personal Brand Strategist. Did you know that personal branding is not self-promotion but rather an opportunity for you to communicate effectively to those you share your message with? Now you know!

Brand Builders Group helps brand people (not companies) by focusing on a person's uniqueness and focusing on how to clearly and effectively communicate your voice.

Kristen explains in detail how, and why, "resilience" is the main message of her own personal brand - as well as the correlation between resilience and gratitude.

Listen in to learn the power of resilience, and facing setbacks.


  • How to find and clearly communicate your message

  • Learning to be resilient by finding gratitude in the smallest things

  • The power of positive self-talk and surrounding yourself with people of similar thinking

  • Kristen shares a time of adversity in her life when she built an automatic resilient response and how she goes back to it when she hardship comes

  • How to be grateful for the smallest things even when you don’t feel like it




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